About Us

aEUR< We have been providing animals a permanent home on our 13.7 acre property since relocating to the Susquehanna Valley in 2007 and adopting our first dog, Maya from the Lycoming County SPCA. The 2015 founding of the Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg (FARM) fulfills our longstanding desire to help even more needy animals find a permanent home. It has taken a long time and a lot of work and investment to transform our property from a collection of fallow farm fields overrun with barnyard grass, wild carrot and ragweed into an organized group of fenced pastures, animal shelters and storage sheds.

Due to the limitations of our land resources, we are forced to limit the size and number of animals we take in. For example, we could pasture a single 1,000 lb. horse on an acre or 4 miniature horses in the same area. As much as we would love to never have to say, "no" we only take in equines under 38" at the base of the mane - our Thoroughbred, King is an exception to this rule, as he was brought to the FARM prior to incorporating. We will also accept llamas, alpacas and goats, provided that they are healthy or any known medical issues are disclosed (a medical issue is not automatic grounds for refusing an animal, but we need to be sure we have special housing or other resources available related to the animal's condition at the time the animal would be re-homed with us). If you have an animal you are trying to re-home and you aren't sure if it will fit in at the FARM, please give us a call; if we cannot take it we may be able to refer you to another sanctuary that can!


Providing a permanent home, quality feed, veterinary and preventive care and shelter to unwanted, abandoned, neglected or abused farm animals while reaching out to the public to encourage humane treatment of animals. Donations from the public and the founders fund these efforts.


- All living things deserve our respect and the opportunity to live with dignity

- We are not opposed to eating meat or otherwise utilizing animals as a resource aEUR" but we do oppose factory farms, puppy mills or any other facilities that treat animals inhumanely

- We encourage people to explore a vegetarian or partial vegetarian lifestyle (try meatless Mondays!) as an alternative to eating animals

- Animals of different species have different group dynamics and require training and communication tailored to fit their expectations of leadership

- Animals deserve the security and stability of a permanent home- accepting an animal into your herd, pride, pack, troupe, clutch, flock, etc. should be a permanent thing unless unforeseen circumstances requiring a re-homing should arise

- We are not fans of livestock auctions or other animal sales in which buyers are not thoroughly screened - many auctioned animals are sent to slaughter or bounce from home to home

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