>Where do you get your animals from? Most were pets that needed re-homed due to changes in the previous owners' lives (jobs, finances, children). Some were unwanted by their owners and others were found as strays and surrendered to the FARM. In some cases, FARM management reached out to the animals' owners upon learning of the animals' situation; in others, the animals' owners sought out a permanent sanctuary that would provide the animals with a high standard of care. You can learn more about where each animal came from on the " Meet The Herd " page.

>Do you offer any animals for adoption? No. The Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg is a permanent sanctuary.

>Are you open to the public for tours or visits? Visit

>Why don't you bring animals to public events? Representatives of the FARM attend public events to help spread awareness of the FARM's existence and to promote the humane treatment of animals. We do not bring animals to these events because we believe separation of a herd animal from its herd is stressful to the animal and its herd mates left behind. One of our rescued dogs, Curly Sue, was a trained therapy dog in her previous life, and we may bring her along to events that welcome dogs. We list information on the events we are attending on our " Events " page, and we also make announcements on our Facebook page. We would love to meet you and show you pictures of the herd and discuss what we do at these events!

>Do you accept volunteers? Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and have medical/health insurance coverage. Visit our " Volunteer " page for information on how to apply!

If you would like to help us fulfill our mission of providing a permanent home to unwanted, neglected or abandoned farm animals, please consider making a financial donation, a donation of goods on our wish list - or host a fundraiser on behalf of the FARM! Support from animal lovers near and far is greatly needed and greatly appreciated

Frequently Asked Questions

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