Molly (LaMancha/Nubian Cross): aEUR< Molly is a dairy goat that came to the FARM from Northumberland County. Her previous owner runs a dairy goat farm and wanted Molly to retire someplace that she wouldn't be bred, sold or sent to auction, so we took her in. She is very sweet!

Sweet Pea and Pocahantas: Juliet's twin daughters, these two are inseparable. Baby goats are called, "kids," and female kids are often referred to as, "doelings." Juliet's babies Sweat Pea and Pocahantas are so cute and sweet, we refer to them as, "darlings!"

Delilah: The dominant female of the herd is known as, "the herd queen." Delilah fills this role in the little Boer herd, and she commands respect from the other goats - she insists on first access to hay and helps enforce the rules of the herd (rule # 1 is apparently, "Delilah shall eat first!").

Juliet: Mom to Pocahantas and Sweet Pea, Juliet is very protective of the herd. She is almost always the first goat from the herd to come running to meet visitors and make sure there is no threat to her babies.

Hank Williams Jr. III AKA Willy (Oberhasli): aEUR< Willy is an Oberhasli goat. His owner reported that he escaped her high tensile fencing (repeatedly) and got into trouble with some neighborhood children. After being locked up in the barn, Willy became frustrated and his owner felt it would be best if he came to live at the FARM, where we have lots of goat fencing and playmates for Willy.

Back Mountain Herd (Boer) : aEUR< These five Boer goats were pets owned by a family in the Back Mountain section of Northeast Pennsylvania. Due to some personal challenges, the family was forced to re-home the herd. The family was very worried about the fate of the goats, knowing that large goats are frequently auctioned and sent to slaughter. The family drove 2 hours to visit the FARM and make sure it would be a good place for their goats to have a permanent home. We are happy to include them in our herd!

Daisy (Boer) : aEUR< Daisy was raised and shown as a 4H project. After her life in 4H, her family kept her as a pet. Due to a 1500-mile relocation, the family was forced to re-home her. Boers are primarily raised as meat goats. A trip to auction and a butcher shop were a very real potential outcome for her at some point as that is the fate that awaits many large breed goats, so we gave her a permanent home.

Pippin (Nigerian Dwarf) : aEUR< Pippin was surrendered to the FARM with Gimli by an owner who no longer wanted them. Allowed to roam about the owner's property without fencing, the owner's german shepherd had bitten Pippin in the neck, resulting in an abscess the owner had a veterinarian treat. That treatment was apparently the only care the goats received, as they were not vaccinated, dewormed or provided feed or hay by their owner. They will receive the care and attention they need at the FARM!

Gimli (African Pygmy) : aEUR< Gimli and Pippin were surrendered to the FARM by a young man who had bought them a year earlier because he thought he wanted goats. He decided that he actually hates them. Fortunately, we LOVE goats and we had space for them to have a forever home. Gimli and Pippin's owner did not provide them with feed or hay - they were running at large on the owner's unfenced property living on whatever they could find in the woods.

Mudpie & Brownie (Nubians) : aEUR< Mudpie and Brownie are purebred dairy goats that we brought to the FARM as kids from a small Snyder County farm. They have become the FARM's brush clearing system - these guys love brambles, weeds and honeysuckle!


Lola (African Pygmy): aEUR< Lola is shier than Lily, who is the dominant sister. When scared, Lola will run behind Lily for protection! Lola's horns are quite unusual, they stand straight up and bend forward near their tips - where Lily's are more traditional curved pygmy goat horns.

Abraham (Nubian): aEUR< Abraham was kept as a pet along with an alpine goat who became ill and died. Abraham exhibited clear signs of loneliness to his owners, who knew that as a herd animal Abraham needed the companionship of other goats. After searching for an acceptable new home for him near Carlisle, where they lived, Abraham's owners visited the FARM and decided that he would be happy with us. He is a big boy, standing taller than every other goat and even the mini horses on the FARM! Fortunately he is very sweet!

Lily (African Pygmy): aEUR< Lily is an adult pygmy goat who was donated to the FARM along with her sister, Lola by a family from the Scranton area of PA. Between changes to work schedule and the demands of a family with young children, Lily's owners felt the goats would benefit from a new, permanent home.

Oliver: A neutered male goat is known as a wether. Oliver is the only male member of the herd and to prevent unplanned pregnancy, his previous owner made sure to have him wethered. Uncastrated male goats are called bucks, and they are often unpredictable in temperament, they urinate on themselves and all over their environment and generally make a nuisance of themselves around the farm. Oliver is a big, strong goat and it is fortunate that he is nothing less than 100% sweetie!

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