Memorial Day Mini Donkeys

Memorial Day weekend of 2016, we took in this herd of 4 mini donkeys from a family in Lycoming County that was relocating to Arizona. The donkeys had been pasture pets for about 14 years. The donkeys had been looked after by the owner's children who grew up and moved away, leaving the elderly owner overwhelmed. They arrived at the farm in need of serious hoof work due to neglect, they needed their teeth floated and routine care like vaccinations and de-worming.

Chuck (Miniature Donkey) : aEUR< Chuck is slightly smaller than his pal Ernie, but he is not afraid to push his way past to get to the hay racks! Chuck is a typical mini donkey - smart and curious!

Rudy (Miniature Donkey) : aEUR< Rudy is a handsome little donkey, with a spotted coat and the cutest little donkey face!

Horses and Donkeys

Ernie (Miniature Donkey) : aEUR< Ernie is a super sweet little guy who loves attention from people. Neck rubs and back scratches really make him happy!

Spark (Miniature Donkey) : aEUR< The largest of the mini donkeys, Spark is also the most aloof. His hooves were in the worst shape of the four minis upon arriving at the FARM, and must have been quite uncomfortable for him.

KING (Thoroughbred) : aEUR< We purchased King from a family that had bought him very inexpensively at auction just a couple months previously. The only background information available for him was that he was owned by a woman who had financial problems and could no longer properly care for him. King arrived at the FARM with problems that are common among off-track thoroughbreds: separation anxiety, his hooves were in bad shape (flat-footed, under-run heels, cracked and flared hoof walls) and he was underweight. King has filled out nicely and his hooves have improved significantly. He has adjusted well to his new home and seems to be enjoying his retirement here in central Pennsylvania.

SPARKY (Miniature Horse) : aEUR< Sparky was donated to the FARM by a family that had purchased a miniature mare for the family's children to ride. When the seller of the mare delivered her, she brought along Sparky and demanded that the family take him, too. Sparky is about the same size as Scout, too little for all but the smallest children to ride. Sparky also arrived untrained and quite wild - the previous owner stated the farrier had to sedate him to trim his hooves! Sparky has responded well to basic training and is really a good boy now. The mares have helped teach him some manners, too!

KALUHA (Miniature Horse) : aEUR< Kaluha was expected to be a star brood mare by her previous owner before a personal financial crisis forced the owner to liquidate the herd. Kaluha acts as herd queen and isn't shy about pushing any of the other minis away from the hay racks - even her BFF Ginger! Scout, Princess and Kaluha are foundered , a painful inflamation of the supporting structure of the hoof. Miniature horses are especially susceptible to founder, obesity and equine metabolic syndrome .

GINGER (Miniature Horse) : aEUR< Ginger came to us as a yearling. Her owner had a small herd of miniature horses that she was planning to breed and sell, however, her financial situation changed and she was forced to liquidate her herd. We obtained Ginger and the mini mare she was closest to at their previous home, Kaluha.

PRINCESS (Miniature Horse) : aEUR< Princess is a senior mare who came to us from an owner who had used her as a pasture companion to a thoroughbred. When the thoroughbred accidentally stepped on the family's teacup Yorkie, the family was heartbroken and they decided to sell him. Having no need for Princess any longer, the owner was anxious to see her go as well. We were happy to give her a permanent home.

SCOUT (Miniature Horse) : aEUR< Scout came to the FARM from an owner who simply did not have room for him. Scout is a real clown and loves to nibble shoes and clothing. He seems not to recognize that he is the littlest equine on the FARM, as he rushes to investigate anything or anyone that could potentially threaten the herd - such as a tractor, the farrier or the muck cart!

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