We love all animals - but we are only able to accept cats under special circumstances with Board of Directors approval

Violet (Domestic Bunny) : aEUR< Violet was owned by a professional couple who found themselves, due to hectic schedules, unable to provide her with the level of human interaction she craves. Violet has beautiful natural eye shadow like you might see on Cleopatra!

Maya (Terrier Mix) : aEUR< We adopted Maya from the Lycoming SPCA, where she had been for about 4 months after having been turned in as a stray in Williamsport. Maya was, and remains, a little "rough around the edges" but she is very sweet and proudly serves as our doorbell!

We love all animals - but we are only able to accept small animals under special circumstances with Board of Directors approval


Curly (Bichon Mix) : aEUR< Curly was found listed as needing re-homed in an online classified. Curly's owner told us that she would have to go, because she chased the family's chickens and could not be broken of the habit. Furthermore, the owner said, the local SPCA shelter where they lived would not take her due to some type of ongoing controversy there about euthanizing dogs. If a new home could not be found for her, Curly would be put to sleep. We had room in our house and hearts, so Curly came to live with us at the FARM!

We love dogs and will always have some at the FARM - we have very limited space for dogs, however, and only accept new dogs under special circumstances with Board of Directors approval



Other Animals

Rosie (Tabby) : aEUR< When the FARM agreed to accept a herd of 10 llamas from a family in central PA, one of the conditions that the directors of the FARM agreed to was taking Rosie, too. The llamas' owners explained that Rosie is best friends with one of the llamas, Sparkle, and separating them was out of the question. The two are very affectionate with each other and Rosie is just a pleasure to have around - a true "win-win!"

Trix (Chocolate Lab) : aEUR< We found Trix in a newspaper classified, offered as "free lab." Trix's owner would leave the Bilco doors to his basement open so she could come and go as she pleased - she slept on the concrete floor, no bed (!) and he told us that she was 4 years old and had never seen a veterinarian. When we brought her to the vet after adopting her, Trix was found to be at least 10 lbs. overweight, infected with 3 different parasitic worm types and she had problems with her toenails as a result of poor nutrition and neglect. Trix is just a pleasure to have around!


Conan and Kosmo (Lion Heads) : aEUR< Conan and Kosmo were donated to a local wildlife refuge along with a group of other animals given sanctuary there. The owner of the refuge did not have room for non-exotics like domestic rabbits and he is unwilling to feed perfectly healthy rabbits to their resident wild animals, so we took them in.

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