Animal owners looking to re-home their animal(s) at the Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg must first contact us through the CONTACT page on this site, via email or phone call. The number, species and size of animals accepted at the FARM are limited by our available resources, including land, shelters and financials. Overcrowding causes stress and increases the likelihood of physical illness and injury among the animals and we carefully manage the number of animals permitted to join the "herd." Please understand if we must say, "no!"

If we agree to accept your animal(s), please download and fill out our Animal Surrender/Donation Form and be sure to list as much information about your animal's health on the back side of the form, including such things as vaccination and deworming types and dates of administration. Then be sure to CONTACT US BEFORE BRINGING ANY ANIMAL TO THE FARM. Animal surrenders must be arranged in advance. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Surrender An Animal

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