Our goal is to provide a permanent home to as many animals as we possibly can - and a great quality of life . To accomplish this, we must limit the number of animals we can accept into sanctuary, as overpopulation of fields and shelters causes stress on the animals. We are currently at capacity and unable to receive additional animals. If you are looking to re-home an animal, try this site: CLICK

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Our mission is to provide a permanent home for unwanted animals. We do not place or re-home the animals we take in - they become members of our family!

The Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg is a sanctuary and the founders believe that permanency and stability of environment is crucial to the psychological well-being of animals. For this reason, none of the animals that come to live at the FARM are adopted out, re-homed or sold.

"...I shall never be sold, and so I have nothing to fear..."

aEUR<"My troubles are all over and I am at home..."

- Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

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